GundakerThe Gundaker Foundation is a non-profit corporation of  District 7450, established in 1964, as a charitable arm of our District. The Gundaker Foundation provides matching grants projects of clubs within the District and funds selected programs. The Gundaker Foundation is a valuable asset, serving the Rotary Clubs in our District. We are one of the few Rotary Districts –worldwide—to have its own charitable foundation. Its purposes complement those of the Rotary Foundation. Whereas, the Rotary Foundation primarily supports projects of an international scope, the Gundaker Foundation focuses mainly on supporting the local efforts of clubs in District 7450. Since its inception, the Gundaker Foundation has raised and distributed over $2 million. Approximately 80% of all funds distributed by Gundaker remain within our District. All Rotary Members in our District are heartily encouraged to make annual contributions to the Gundaker Foundation. Once personal contributions reach the $1,000 level, that member becomes a Guy Gundaker Fellow. Additional levels of recognition are outlined as “Levels of Sustaining Gundaker Membership.”  Gundaker is also a recognized agency of the United Way. United Way contributions can be targeted to Gundaker, Agency 9315. All contributions to the Gundaker Foundation are tax deductible. For more information go to >>>