What is service above self?

What does the President of anything do? He (or she) has been assigned this responsibility by others. So, he (or she) has accepted because of the desire to fulfill what that role entails. In the case of Rotary, we choose to lead our club members in doing good. We don’t expect anything in return except enjoying the happy and smiling faces of those we serve. We want to reach out to people to provide them with something they need to help them have a better life.

I will try my best to attend Rotary functions besides our club’s weekly meetings. I am not one who likes to get dressed up in a suit or tux in order to attend a dinner or meeting. In fact, I don’t own anything like that. My dress attire is always casual, mostly jeans, all the time, except for summer when its shorts. I also don’t mingle well in these kinds of events. So, what I do best is to spend my time doing hands-on things that will benefit others. Sm-oozing at parties – No. Helping a family in need – Yes!

What is your agenda, you may ask? Primarily, I will take your wishes and help us run with them. I do have a life outside of Rotary, as we all do. Being President is a volunteer position because we want to do it. It is not a job and one should not expect me to drop everything for Rotary. For me, my complicated life will sometimes tell me what I need to do. Family is first and foremost. Being the proud father of a daughter with autism, my wife and I have our daily challenges. Our lives dictate what we do. My whole life now is caring for our daughter and ensuring she has a good life ahead when my wife and I are no longer around. We are not alone in this path. There are thousands of other parents in our shoes in our county and beyond. These are the people I have chosen to help in as many ways as possible. So, this is my life agenda.

What is my goal and theme for my presidency? Like my predecessor, its have fun while doing good.

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